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ATC builds custom solutions to address heating, cooling, humidity, and indoor air quality problems.  We just don’t do cookie-cutter.  Every client and every home are different.  With ATC’s expertise in heat pumps, furnaces, ductless units, ventilation, and geothermal systems, we can solve any HVAC obstacle. Relax… and let us fix it!

Many homes are built very tightly. Spray foam insulation, exterior Tyvek wraps, even sealed electrical wiring behind the drywall mean little air gets in from outside. Negligible infiltration keeps your heating and cooling bills low, but an ultra-tight home exacerbates other problems… like too much humidity. Tight homes also trap pollutants inside the home making the air seem stale and unhealthy.


ATC designs solutions to address indoor air pollutants and excess (or insufficient) humidity. We can keep your home’s air feeling fresh and clean. Solutions can include:

  • Energy Recovery Ventilator: ERVs exchange the inside air with outside air. As opposed to simply cutting a hole in the side of your house, an ERV recaptures a good part of the heat and humidity energy as it brings in fresh air. 
  • Dehumidification: A whole-house dehumidifier can keep excess humidity from damaging your home. 
  • Humidification: A whole house humidifier can keep dry winter air from irritating occupants. 
  • Filtration: Whole house filtration can remove allergens and other indoor pollutants from your home.
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ATC offers a full line of HVAC equipment from premiere brands like Trane and Mitsubishi. We custom design systems to meet the needs of each home or building. We offer ultra-high efficiency options, forced air zoning, ventilation, filtration solutions and more. Plus, introducing the new ATC 36-month – nothing is excluded – parts and labor warranty on new equipment. If we installed it – it is covered! 

Are some rooms too hot, while others are too cool? Ductless systems offer fabulous solutions for heating and cooling additions, garages, basements, bonus rooms and more. Best of all, ductless systems from Mitsubishi offer some of the highest efficiency ratings of any systems outside of geothermal! Schedule a free estimate today!

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Geothermal: Geothermal systems harvest the constant temperatures found in the earth to both heat and cool your home. Geothermal systems are among the most efficient heating and cooling systems anywhere in the world! In many cases, geothermal systems are 40% more efficient than even the very best air-source heat pump systems. ATC specializes in installing and maintaining geothermal systems. 

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I have used ATC for several years now and they have never let me down. They arrive on time and even text a picture of the technicians before they arrive. Their work is exceptional and very neat. I truly believe they strive to make their customers happy and I highly recommend ATC for all your heating and cooling needs!

- Russell Sells

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