Geothermal systems harvest the constant temperatures found in the earth to both heat and cool your home. Just a few feet under the ground (or in a lake or pond), the temperatures hover at 50 degrees Fahrenheit. That constant temperature makes it easy and efficient to move heat into your home during the winter or remove heat from your home during the summer. What’s more, by using a loop in the ground or water, geothermally serviced homes have no need for an outside vent or large heat pump cluttering up the yard or patio. 

Why Get One?

Geothermal systems are among the most efficient heating and cooling systems anywhere in the world! In many cases, geothermal systems are 40% more efficient than even the very best air-source heat pump systems.

Perhaps best of all, given that the entire system is indoors or under the ground, geothermal systems have among the longest lives of any HVAC systems – many lasting 20-30 years or more!

Tax Credits

The Federal Energy Efficient Home Improvement Credit includes a 30% UNLIMITED tax credit for geothermal systems! With this credit in place, many geothermal installations cost no more than high end air sourced heat pumps! 

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