Ductless Heat Pump & AC Systems

Heat Pump & AC Systems

Many people think of ductless systems as wall-mounted AC units or mini-splits. While they are that, they can be much more too. These mini split systems are available to heat and cool rooms from the wall, ceiling, floor, or even a duct system! For challenging heating and cooling problems, we even have solutions that use multiple indoor units coupled with just one outdoor unit. Best of all, efficiencies for the best mini split units are very high – rivaling even geothermal systems.

We Install Ductless Units

Unlike conventional heat pumps, units from Mitsubishi (our premiere brand) are capable of heating rooms when the outdoor temperature falls below -5 degrees! For reference, a conventional heat pump struggles mightily to provide heat when the outdoor temperature goes below 20 degrees and instead just engages the emergency heat. Emergency heat, while effective, is quite costly to operate as it is nothing more than resistance heat (like a toaster).

Ductless units are perfect solutions for heating and cooling garages, additions, basements, and bonus rooms.

Most Mitsubishi systems also qualify for the 25C federal tax credit. For these systems, the tax credit is 30% up to $2000.

What does a ductless system cost? Every installation is different, but for a rough idea, see below:

Mitsubishi Minisplit Prices (installed)
Indoor Units:Starting At:
Single, wall-mounted indoor unit:
Two-zone wall-mounted indoor units:
Three-zone wall-mounted indoor units:
One-zone ducted system:

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