HVAC System Duct System Problem

I was recently called out to a home to look at the second floor heat pump system. The homeowner was asking about upsizing the unit as the floor never cooled well. The current unit was a 2.5 Ton Trane split system with the air handler located in the attic. Insulated ductwork, pretty standard installation.  While […]

Forced Air Zoning

In a perfect world, with perfectly balanced ductwork and exactly equal solar load (sunlight) at each wall of the house, with all areas on the same floor, and no intermittent heat loads from cooking in the kitchen or running a wood or gas fireplace, no one would need zoning. But alas… this is not a […]

Package HVAC Units: Make the Change!

Last week, my wife and I went for a walk in an upscale neighborhood here in Kingsport TN.  Beautiful brick houses, perfectly manicured lawns, big garages… the very height of suburban paradise.  Some even had waterfront views of the Holston River. Because the neighborhood was so nice, I was shocked to see all of the […]

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